Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Recent Grad Spotlight: Shani Peters (current exhibit at HSA)

Recent work by Shani Peters is on view now through February, at The Harlem School of Arts (645 St. Nicholas Avenue, NY) in Layers of Current-cy: Memory and Imagery of Black History of a New Time.

More About the Show
In this momentous year for American socio-politics, HSA celebrates Black History Month with a dynamic group show of artists working in our own Harlcommunity. Together, these very disparate works offer a unique sketch of African American experience through our modern American lens. All three artists fuse the past and the present, both literally through the layering of media, and figuratively by layering past ideologies and present perspectives.

Thomas Heath, b. 1949, American. Heath has participated in solo and group shows throughout NY, including the Harlem Open Artist Studio Tour, NY; He is also published in African American Art: The Long Lost Struggle, edited by Crystal Britton.

Gail Shaw-Clemons, b. 1953, American. Shaw-Clemons has exhibited her work at Skylight Gallery, NY; South Broadway Cultural Center Gallery, NM; and is presently showing at Columbia University, NY.

Shani Peters, b. 1981, American. Peters is an MFA student at City College of NY. She has exhibited at Harlem Textile Works, NY; Rush Gallery, NY; and participated in Harlem Open Artist Studio Tour, NY.

More about Shani Peters:
Statement: "I am interested in the power of collective activity, in the identification of the self within the whole, and in cyclical patterns throughout history and generations. My work bridges my personal experiences with the collective history of Black people in the United States. I examine this history and its present circumstances through the perspective of family structures as they inherently lie between the self and the whole and are microcosms for larger societal conditions."

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