Sunday, March 17, 2013

Katie Simpson Spain Thesis Show!

Katie Simpson Spain


March 18-22, 2013

Studio Art MFA Thesis Show

Reception Wednesday March 20th, 6-8:30 pm

Meet & Greet Thursday March 21st, 5-6 pm

Compton-Goethals Gallery
Compton-Goethals Hall, room 134
The City College of New York
160 Convent Ave.
New York, NY 10031

Focusing on methods of navigation in nature, this installation combines recycled materials, fabrics, painting, sculpture, video, live plants and printmaking to create a strange mapped and staged situation. This work examines organized outdoor activities, exploring relationships people have with the natural environment, and the trappings of preparation for these relationships. I am interested in the thin membranes of safety that lie between the natural world and organized modern life. You are invited to experience this version of nature, re-creations of natural environments and recreational activities, from the safety of Compton-Goethals Gallery.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Reception TODAY 5-8:30pm

Constructed Impressions 
Gayla Martin
MFA Thesis Exhibition
March 11th – 15th

Reception Wednesday, March 13th 5-8:30pm
Workshop Friday, March 15th 1-5pm

Sculptures form impressions of space outlined with thread. The fragile and visually permeable tubes appear as shadows of solid structural forms. In addition to responding to the gallery the installation is a three-dimensional drawing within the confines of four walls.  Activation of the work includes the transference of movement, through a breeze, from body to sculpture and in involving the viewer with the seats.  I draw connections to meditation and relaxation to my process and the experience.  Low profile wooden seats are situated throughout the gallery where viewers may rest, and experience the installation from a different vantage point. Friday, March 15th, from 1pm-5pm I will activate the project room as a workshop/performance space where I will weave on my handmade loom. It will be interactive in that I will respond to any questions posed by viewers.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Andrea Coronil's MFA Thesis show

Sabes tanto que sabes a Casabe
We know so much, we know so little

Reception: Thursday March 7th, 5-9pm
Show dates: March 4-8th, 9-5pm

Location: Compton Goethals Gallery, The City College of New York CUNY

This show draws from uncertain certainties in life: sickness, death, and loss. These are experiences that we all live yet cannot plan or know how they will come.  The work includes paintings that act as projections when light is cast through them. Rooted in the idea of fighting illness and the struggle to survive, the boxers in the paintings refer to the celebratory yet combative daily dances we engage in to get well.

The City College of New York Art Department
Compton-Goethals Hall 160 Convent Ave.

New York, NY 10031

Subway Directions:
1 train to the 137th City College stop
A/B/C/D trains to the 145th St.stop
Go to City College
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Thesis Exhibitions!

They've officially started!  Starting Monday, March 4th the Studio Art MFA Thesis Exhibitions begin.

The line up:

Andrea Coronil: Sabes Tanto que sabes a Casabe We know so much, we know so little

March 4th - March 8th.  Reception: Thursday, March 7th from 5 - 8:30pm.

Gayla Martin: Constructed Impressions, March 11th -15th.

Reception: Wednesday, March 13th from 5-8:30pm.

Katie Simpson Spain: Recreation, March 18th - March 22nd.

Reception: Wednesday, March 20th from 6 - 8:30pm

Sasha Cohen: April 8th- April 12th.  Reception: Thursday, April 11th from 5 - 8:30pm.

Alison White: April l5th - April 19th.  Reception: Wednesday, April 17th from 5 - 8:30pm.

Shannon McBride: Have You Passed Through This Night? April 22nd - April 26th.  
                                 Reception: Wednesday, April 24, from 5 - 8:30 pm. 

Check back for upcoming reception dates.

Exhibitions will take place at The City College of New York's Art Gallery located in Compton-Goethals Hall, Room 134.  Compton-Goethals is located on the Southeast corner of W 140th Street and Amsterdam Avenue.   Subways: 1 @ 137th St and A, C, B, D @ 145th St.