Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Reception TODAY 5-8:30pm

Constructed Impressions 
Gayla Martin
MFA Thesis Exhibition
March 11th – 15th

Reception Wednesday, March 13th 5-8:30pm
Workshop Friday, March 15th 1-5pm

Sculptures form impressions of space outlined with thread. The fragile and visually permeable tubes appear as shadows of solid structural forms. In addition to responding to the gallery the installation is a three-dimensional drawing within the confines of four walls.  Activation of the work includes the transference of movement, through a breeze, from body to sculpture and in involving the viewer with the seats.  I draw connections to meditation and relaxation to my process and the experience.  Low profile wooden seats are situated throughout the gallery where viewers may rest, and experience the installation from a different vantage point. Friday, March 15th, from 1pm-5pm I will activate the project room as a workshop/performance space where I will weave on my handmade loom. It will be interactive in that I will respond to any questions posed by viewers.