Thursday, September 20, 2012

Visit A.I.R. Gallery to see Professor Sylvia Netzer's show, Whorl.


I'm Katie, a second year student in City's totally awesome Studio MFA program ~ as well as a new exhibitions intern at A.I.R. GALLERY. Tomorrow will be my third weekend going in. It's very exciting and I'm happy and honored to be learning all of this awesome stuff at such a vibrant and historically important gallery. I love it!

A.I.R. is a fantastic feminist membership (co-op style) gallery, and it opened in 1972 - it is the first artist run gallery for women in the US. Check out the website. The member artists are various and diverse in style and content. It's pretty darn exciting, and there are members from NY as well as national and international members. And lots of important artists have been involved with the gallery throughout the years. The show that's up now is awesome! One of the artists is a professor at City College!

Sylvia Netzer's show, Whorl, is currently up at A.I.R.! Please come see it this weekend or next week, as it's only up for a short time - and closes on September 30th. Netzer is a ceramics professor at City College, and has been instrumental in the graduate program for a long time. Her sculptural work at A.I.R. is wonderful and you totally have to see it in person! It's bright, energetic, fantastic, and in the back gallery space at A.I.R. Come over!

There are actually 3 shows up right now, the space is pretty big, it's in DUMBO, Brooklyn, at 111 Front Street - #228 (that's on the second floor, & there are elevators if you enter at 55 Washington).

One of the other current shows is by a professor I had years ago at Portland Community College (yes, in Oregon), Marie Sivak. Her work in Smokescreen is super awesome, you should come see it before it goes back to Oregon! Stone sculpture with video inside? And drawings? Yes!

And come say hi to me there, on Fridays and Saturdays (11 to 6) until mid december. I'll be at the front desk on Saturdays, but I'll be around and would love love love to talk to you about the art! There are some great shows coming up as well, so don't forget to check back in to their website for more! There will be an awesome birthday party for the gallery on November 13th (7 to 9:30) - with performances by artists like Martha Wilson (who did a wonderful lecture and studio visits at City College last year). Its going to be amazing, you should go!

And there is a great opportunity at A.I.R. right now, an 18-month professional development fellowship program and solo show opportunity for emerging and under-represented women artists, with a deadline on October 28th. There is a whole lot of information on the website about that. Check it out!!!

So, yeah! Art! Awesomeness! And a whole lot of other good stuff!!!

Like today all of us students in the Studio MFA program participated in a Beehive exercise with professor Tom Thayer, and it was one of the most fun things I've done for a long time!!! There will be more information on this blog soon about that! Damn I love that art thing!

Hope your weekend is awesome!
See you on the art side!

-katie simpson spain

(check for more info about A.I.R. and my art and fun stuff).