Thursday, September 4, 2014

New Semester, New faces

There are lots of new faces here at the City College MFA program, seven of them to be exact.  Today was the first group critique in the Graduate Critique class, below see some of the works. 

 Jonathan Riordan's paintings
below, Jon Bunge's (left), and Roger Gaitan's (right) sculptural work
Pedro Ramirez's growing ceramic works
Garrett Vandervoort's painting
Natali S. Bravo's photo printed on metal

below, Carlos Encarnacion-Vazquez and Peter Ziemkiewicz's paintings
Jonathan Riordan - stacked

Carlos Encarnacion-Vazquez with his painting

Below, figurative sculpture by Garrett Vandervoort
Below, work by Dhanashree Gadiyar Shenoy
Jenna Newton's paintings in direct studio sun and without

Natalia Donofrio's work of art

Dupree's interactive sculptural works

Brian Pettigrew's
Natali S. Bravo's photograph composition