Thursday, December 4, 2014

Time Lab is in full swing

Below are some photos from the "in progress" show TIME LAB.
The works change every day so be sure to stop by before (as well as during) our reception which is on December 11th from 5-7pm.  1617 Amsterdam avenue room 134. 

 Jon Riordan's universe
 Pedro Ramirez' plot
 Natalia working
 Jon and Colin talk
 Jenna drawing
 Dhanashree working
 Peter working

 Natalia's hand

 Natali S. Bravo the elusive photographer is shot herself!

 Carlos and Peter working.
 Garrett Vandervoort's
 Bryan Pettigrew
 Peter Ziemkiewicz
 Carlos W. Encarnación-Vázquez
 Natali S. Bravo
 Christian Flores
 Jon Riordan
 Roger Gaitan
 Garrett Vandervoort
 Natalia Donofrio
 Pedro Ramirez
 Jon Bunge
 Jenna Newton
Dhanashree Shenoy