Saturday, February 28, 2015

MFA Drawing Class Collages

The MFA drawing class, taught by Jen Waters, had students interpret collage using three materials that they are not usually drawn to or have always wanted to try.

Jen Waters analyzing works by (left to right) Garrett Vandervoort, Pedro Ramirez, Carlos W. Encarnación-Vázquez, and Jenna Newton.

Bryan Pettigrew

 Carlos W. Encarnación-Vázquez, and Jenna Newton

Garrett Vandervoort's diptych and Pedro Ramirez' kilney paintbrush

Dhanashree Gadiyar 

Natalia Donofrio

Roger Gaitan 

Jen Waters viewing Jon Bunge and Natalia Donofrio's

Jon Bunge's triptych 

Peter Ziemkiewicz'